Taking Great iPhone Photos: Some Tips

Are you looking to take professional quality photos, but don’t have a standard DSLR camera or a professional set up? There’s no need to go out and spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a fancy camera that you may not end up using often. You can use your iPhone to take incredible pictures! Whether you’re looking to do a photo shoot or take photos to sell, there are many tricks to getting a professional picture without spending the extra cash.


Angle is everything! A big part of getting that professional photo is your angle. You need to set up your subject, in a way that you can get multiple angles without all of your photos looking the same. For example, if you’re taking pictures of a person then that person should be posed and situated so that many angles will work. You could try to come from a downward, off to the side angle. Or even try an upward, slanted angle. Turning the camera slightly can help to get the photos you take look stunning.


Another important tip, is posing your subject. In some cases it may not be possible to really move your object, such as taking photos of nature, but when using a person it is crucial. When using an object it’s best to turn the more polished side outward and work with your angles to get some incredible photos. When using a person, you should use your surroundings or your setting to make your subject really pop. For example, if you’re taking your photos in a forest, then you should pose them around the foliage and use the shape of different trees to get good angles taken.


Find a good editing app or program. There are many free editing apps on Apple’s app store which have more than enough features to make your photos look beautiful. Utilizing filters and other editing techniques can take an average photo to the next level. If you’re unable to find an app that works for you then there are hundreds of computer programs which you can use. Simply email the pictures to yourself, or transfer them to your computer another way.


Overall, it is nice to have that fancy camera if it’s something you’ll use. However, the average person is better off to take these pictures using resources already available to them. Taking great iPhone photos can be easy, and not very time consuming if you know how to do it. So get out there, and take some amazing photos!